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Children's dream is a crystal world where child's future is being built. Therefore, we organize children's parties with great awe and devotion. The company includes its own workshop of entertainment that, with no extra charges, will offer unique author's animation program and attractions, which conquer not only the children's hearts but also adult’s!


Wedding - is not just a celebration. This is a great legend, brought to life. This is the story of two people, which is told with the exalted images. We will create your unique story based on the slightest whims and wildest fantasies in Russia or anywhere in the world on your choice. We will undertake all the efforts: the choice of the stitching on the napkins to the agreement of a timetable of a wedding dance rehearsals or meetings the guests at the airport and their resettlement. More information about the organization of the wedding you can find on our specialized site of the agency VOLNA WEDDING.


Volna does not create a template holidays. We will develop variants of complex concepts for you, taking into account the traditions and history of your family, your preferences and interests. Anniversary - is the exclamation point of your personal victories, joys and accomplishments at this stage of life. We will help you to realize your sense of self in the clearest celebration, extravaganza of emotions, memories and thoughts about the future.